Monday, November 13, 2006

Jason King is Now Blogging

Despite the high intensity peer pressure of many of my blogging friends to join the blogosphere, It's taken me a long time to get here - mostly because I've never had the time. I've always wondered how people have the time to write and post so much. The reason I decided to launch Passed The Curve is because when I first started writing freelance articles for music magazines I enjoyed the idea of being able to discover new and exciting talent. That usually meant artists who hadn't even registered a buzz on almost anyone's consciousness. Funny enough, Tyrese - who I'd seen in a Coca Cola commercial - was actually one of the first artists I interviewed, long before his first record ever came out on RCA.

That desire to expose and help build new talent - to always be ahead of the curve - has underwritten almost everything I've done, from launching my own branding, consulting and managment company, to helping architect The Clive Davis Department at NYU, where it's amazing to recruit and be around students who you know will one day change the industry.

Passed The Curve is the chance for me to write about artists in r&b, hip-hop, and electronica (and other genres that I'm feeling) who you may not have heard of, but that you probably will in the near future. It's about reporting on artists who need more exposure, which is like 95% of the market. And about being able to write about issues in black music that are topical. There'll also be an appreciation section, in conjunction with my friend David Nathan's super-amazing, all-purpose site for all things soul music,, focused on tributes to artists of the past, and who knows what else. For all that, I'll definitely find the time.